Did you know that it's Read an eBook Week? Apparently so. And I've been thinking about that fact for an hour or two, and I think that maybe, for fun, I'm going to try something on Slog.

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From now through Saturday, I'm going to read Cory Doctorow's 2004 sci-fi novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom in ebook form. (Here's the book's spoiler-filled Wikipedia page.) It's got ten chapters, so I'm going to read two chapters a day, and I'm going to report on those chapters starting tomorrow here on Slog. Which means that if you'd like to follow along and talk about the book in the comments fields of the posts as kind of a book club situation, I'd love to have you.

Part of the reason why I chose Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is that it's available for free in just about every ebook format possible. Since I don't have an ebook reader (yet,) I'm going to be reading this book on the Aldiko Reader app on my Android phone. But if you have an iPhone, a Kindle, or any other kind of e-reading device, you'll be able to find an ebook that will work for you. Hell, if you can't read on a screen, there's even an edition you can print out and fold into booklet form. You can find every single edition by clicking this link. If you're going to read along, you should read the first two chapters tonight; I'll start posting tomorrow afternoon.