On February 28 at 3:29 a.m., a man was standing with a friend by the main entrance in the alley behind Neighbours, a gay dance club on Capitol Hill established in the late Mesozoic Era, when three men walked past. One of the three men said, "your nipples are showing," according to a police report. The man told him to "fuck off."

"You wanna say that a little louder?" responded the suspect, who advanced toward the man to "badger" him, the police report says. The man's friend tried to block the suspect, but the suspect pushed the friend out of the way.

According to police records, the victim explained what happened next:

[The suspect] grabbed me by the face actually covering my mouth with his hand. I bit his hand hard. I felt a crunch. The suspect pulled his hand away and said, "You wanna bite me, I'll fucking choke you, I've done this before." He told his friends to leave and he grabbed me by the throat and my shirt. He squeezed and I couldn't breathe for a second. I pulled away and the buttons on my shirt came off.

A female witness told police that after she screamed, Neighbours security guards responded to the incident and the suspect ran northbound. The guards chased the suspect briefly, but he was not apprehended. Neighbours security told police that the suspect is a regular customer and they will contact police if he shows up again. Police advised the victim to seek medical attention.

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