As Dan noted earlier this morning, Greenburg, Indiana reporter Joel Hornaday—the Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack of the Day—proclaimed that police were "exterminating" the drug problem by breaking up a "marijuana den," where five people were found smoking marijuana. The bust tied up the city's police units for two hours, according to the report.

Let's consider how long it would take to "exterminate" America's drug problem at this rate. For the purpose of this scenario, let's say only four police officers were involved. There are "102 million Americans aged 12 or older [who] have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetimes," according to the White House.

So: Busting all those pot smokers—according to my math (which was off when I first posted, and I've since updated)—at 1.6 officer hours per marijuana arrest, would require 162,000,000 police officer hours. And busting pot smokers all cops would be doing in that time (no stopping assaults, no patrolling their beats, no responding to 911 calls). But then—assuming none of those busted folks touch reefer again—marijuana would be "exterminated" from the country!