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Man In Chicken Suit Shot By Pellet Gun

WICHITA, Kan. — Police in Kansas are investigating a drive-by shooting with a bit of a twist.

They say a man sporting a chicken suit to advertise for a burger joint became the target of a drive-by shooting, shot in the thigh Friday afternoon with a pellet gun.

"I thought it'd be kind of neat to be in a cow outfit, but I'm too fat. I couldn't get in a cow outfit so chicken was just appropriate and I have a sign outside that says eat more beef," Burger Barn owner Robert Hatter said.*

Hatter was strutting his stuff during the lunch rush hour when a car pulled up beside him and someone inside shot at him twice...

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"Apparently they didn't like chicken," Hatter said.

*Mr. Hatter's logic about the appropriateness of the chicken suit eludes me. Also: Does your empathy not lie with the shooter here? It is not the right thing to do, but who wouldn't want to shoot a man in a chicken suit with a pellet gun? Mr. Hatter is fine, by the way (with his sense of humor clearly intact).