Another One? This week's huge earthquake is in Turkey, with most recent reports putting the death toll at 57.

Deaths in Nigeria: Christians and Muslims fight, and hundreds die.

The Wrong Yankee: Pakistani officials caught an American Al Qaeda representative...but not the big American Al Qaeda representative.

Oscar-winning Actress Sandra Bullock™: The Hurt Locker cleans up at the Oscars, Kathryn Bigelow becomes first female director to ever win Academy Award (?!). Our Oscar LiveSlog is here.

Today in Washington State Taxes: State Senate passes a sales tax increase, throws it to the House. Also, a vehicle tax to support buses is floated.

But That Trick Never Works: Obama will make a push for health care reform.

Let's Hope Florida Doesn't Mess It Up for Them, Too, Somehow: Iraq counts votes after their most recent election; turnout at 60%.

But Will It Have Retail on the Ground Floor?: Israel authorized the building of 112 new apartments in the West Bank as Joe Biden comes to visit.

We'll Get Those Cars to Stop, Somehow, Sir: Toyota President apologizes to Japanese Prime Minister.

Stop Feeling Good: In Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates cautions against over-optimism.

HIV Is Awful: Scientists say that HIV can hide in bone marrow and return when you stop taking medicine for it.

Jackpot! SPD catches a one-armed man who beat a North Seattle landlord after he brags about appearing on America's Most Wanted at a Magnolia party.

And now, your Daily Muppet: