The Kitsap Sun reports on a loophole in Bainbridge Island, where you can't be prosecuted for marijuana possession, but your pocket is a jailable offense:

Bainbridge Island’s municipal code currently does not have a statute for marijuana at the misdemeanor level — under 40 grams. That’s prompting a push by police, with help from prosecutors, to get the city council to take action.

“It’s a simple fix,” said Weiss, an officer who specializes in drug cases. “But right now on Bainbridge you can’t be charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession." ...

The prosecutor’s office typically takes those cases and charges them with the statute Bainbridge Island does have — possession of drug paraphernalia. Paraphernalia, as a statute, can be liberally applied in such cases.

“Even if they have marijuana in their pocket, then the pocket becomes the paraphernalia,” she said.

Possessing paraphernalia—having a pocket, in some cases—is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. So do police take your pants for evidence? (Via Toke of the Town.)