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Yesterday at 5 p.m., people were gathering around to commemorate cinema with the Oscars, but I, as suggested by The Stranger, was to appreciate it—or perhaps nap through it—via lecture at the Northwest Film Forum. More of a "show-and-tell than lecture," according to curator Peter Lucas, the program was classic film title sequences from the '50s and '60s.

Title sequences from films like Man with the Golden Arm, Psycho, and From Russia With Love were viewed, intermixed with (very) brief introductions from Lucas. Watching the sequences reminded me of how much filmmaking has advanced in technology over the last 50 years, while letting me appreciate the creative ingenuity of graphic designers like Saul Bass and Maurice Binder back in the day. Unfortunately, the artistic glory was diminished by the small screens at the Forum.

Most of the titles were trippy. Unsurprisingly, the ones that interested me the most were from films that I had seen in my childhood, like Vertigo and Charade. In an instant, I was transported back to when I had first been held in rapt attention by the surreal and artful sequences.

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Many of the film titles were originally set to classical music; this, combined with the abstract nature of their art, was a potent recipe for somnolence. I found myself bleary-eyed and falling out of attention several times, and the friend I brought with me fell asleep altogether.

All in all, I would have rather watched the Oscars, though I did leave with a list of films to keep on my radar.