From ESPN. Money quote, where Bradley insinuates that racist hate mail came from within the Cubs organization:

"I got the same mail LaTroy [Hawkins] probably got; the same mail Jacque [Jones] got," Bradley said. "Every time I got mail, I handed it to the PR guy and said, 'Here it goes.'

"I was getting so much until I didn't even have to open up the letter to know what it was, I could see from the envelope. I could just tell, you get an envelope, no address on it, no postmark, it's just in your mail. How does that get in your cubby hole? I don't know how that happens."

Bradley was asked if he thought the mail with no postage mark was sent from inside the organization.

"I would hope not, but ... who knows?" he said. "I don't know. I don't even care to know."

When reached for comment, a Cubs representative said the team would not comment on until it had seen the story.

This will get interesting. . . Bradley basically just accused the Cubs organization—not just the racist fans in the bleachers whom we all agree show up to games in Klan outfits and cook their hot dogs on burning crosses—of sending him racist hate mail. Mail he knew was racist without even opening or reading it. Man.