Several years ago my mother moved to Florida to help take care of her mother—a generous gesture that has stranded my left-leaning, pro-gay, culture-loving mom in a wasteland of idiocy*. Case in point: This letter to the editor published in Central Florida's The Ledger, forwarded to me by my mom, who added nothing but the usual pleading in her eyes to please get her the fuck out of here once her daughterly duties have wrapped up.

Gay Military: Parental Heartbreak

As a former staff sergeant, war veteran and drill instructor in the Marine Corps, I believe the repeal this law will cause living hell within the ranks of the military, and also for the moms and dads whose kids are serving. It will be heartbreaking when a son comes home and says to his parents 'I'm gay' when he didn't leave home gay.

When it comes to gays in the military, it is not a question of them not being patriotic or not physically fit. Unfortunately, they are not morally fit. Their lifestyle has disqualified them to serve.

One must understand that a homosexual person does not reproduce (homosexuals recruit). When I was a young Marine, one tried to recruit me into that lifestyle. It caused panic and fear to come over me. It is not discrimination or hate speech toward the gays, it is simply saying no.

These young people will be exposed to strong sexual attractions, and some will give themselves over to it because they are young and vulnerable.

Repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy and you will have the men who serve in an uproar. You will have open sex in the barracks, name calling, real threats and fighting among the troops, and even worse the violence of blanket parties. Late at night, some men will throw a blanket over a gay person and beat the life out of him. The repeal of this policy will give way to violence, no matter how much instruction is given by their leaders.

Also, you will have disunity on the battlefield.

Today, if my son was going into the military, I would be more concerned about him coming home a gay person than worrying about him getting wounded or killed in battle.

We are becoming a pathetic nation with no clear moral values.


I used to enjoy calling Florida "America's wang." Now I think that's insulting to wangs.

* - Grandma excluded. She's great, and only moved to Florida because old people are cold all the time.