I've written about people losing their shit waiting for hot dogs (twice), and I've written about people being weird at the Crescent. And now, well...

Last Monday, around 8 p.m., Seattle police were dispatched to the Crescent Tavern on Capitol Hill concerning a knife-wielding man who was arguing with the doorman, according to a police report. Officers arrived on the scene and were able to contain the suspect without incident.

The doorman told officers that the suspect was "buying a hot dog at a nearby hot dog stand," after which time, he began heading towards the tavern. "When he got near the front door of the bar, he became agitated and threw the hot dog on the ground." For reasons unknown, the suspect began "cursing and yelling." This created alarm amongst the tavern's patrons, and so the manager and doorman approached the suspect and "asked him to leave the area." He replied by yelling, "I give two fucks about this bar."

The manager went inside to call the police. At that point, the doorman told officers, the suspect "pulled a small knife out of his pocket and began waving it in the doorman's face...." Fearing for his own safety, the doorman backed away, and the suspect put the knife back in his pocket. However, the suspect did not leave the area, and continued to linger, and "yelled at the doorman until the police arrived."

Officers arrested the man on scene for harassment, but were unable to ask him any questions regarding the incident because he refused to listen to his Miranda rights.