From the NYT:

A Georgia grand jury indicted four members of an assisted suicide group Tuesday on charges they helped a 58-year-old man with cancer kill himself.

The four — the Final Exit Network's former president, its former medical director and two others — were formally indicted by a Forsyth County grand jury on charges of offering assistance in the commission of suicide, tampering with evidence and violating the state's anti-racketeering charges.

They were arrested more than a year ago and charged with assisted suicide in John Celmer's death at his north Georgia home. The arrests came after an eight-month investigation where an undercover agent posing as someone seeking suicide infiltrated the group.

The Final Exit people are controversial in the right-to-die world because they advocate that anyone who's suffering, not just the terminally ill, should be able to get help killing themselves.

Which only makes sense: Once you pave the philosophical path to assisted suicide—it isn't a sin, the afflicted deserve rest, adults have sovereignty over their own bodies—anybody will be able to walk down it.