Last night, in preparation for "Read an eBook Week," I downloaded Calibre, which is an open-source iTunes for ebooks. Bearing in mind that I've just played around with it for a few hours, I have to say: This is a nifty interface for managing your DRM-free ebooks on your computer.

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The best part of Calibre is that it makes it easy to export your ebooks to your ereading devices: Kindles, Sony Readers, iPhones, and Android phones are all supported, and you can apparently access your books from the internet, too. You can transfer files easily from PDFs to .epub to whatever format you need, you can send RSS feeds and magazine articand it also supports comic formats like .cbr and .cbz, too.

I'm sure there will be some glitches along the way, but I'm in a serious honeymoon period with Calibre right now. It's elegant, simple, and non-proprietary.