Hey, Check Out My New Toyota KeyboAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*: A Prius not covered in the Toyota recall went out-of-control in California yesterday, hitting 94 m.p.h.

This Time for Real: Lawmakers pass a 520 deal. Ed Murray votes against it due to lack of public transit specificity.

Fired Up and Ready To Go...Again: Obama stirs crowd into pushing for health care reform.

Don't Let the Door Frack You In the Ass...: Eric Massa resigns to avoid ethics charges. Frack him.

Bright Sunni Day: Iraq set to announce parliamentary results. Sunni turnout was higher than in past Iraq elections.

Amazon's Anti-Tax Rebellion: Amazon.com cuts ties to Colorado sellers, rather than be forced to pay Colorado sales tax.

Constantine Calls for King County Frugailty: Limit county spending, ask voters if we want to spend anything new, says Dow Constantine.

Get Used to It: Fed says low rates might be necessary for a while.

Be Accountable: U.S. calls for justice in Nigerian massacre.

Be Peaceful, Too: In Israel, Biden says that U.S. will always support those who take risks for peace, like Israel.

It's the Time for the Season of Payment: The Four Seasons downtown is plagued by late payments and lawsuits.

Being in the Oil Biz Is Like Printing Money: Chevron restructures, prepares to lay off 2000.

Lay Off Iran, Guys: Turkish PM says to quit with the Iranian sanctions.

"He continues to have access to patients": Physical therapist at Swedish charged with abusing patients.

Googlevision: Google launches a test television search.

And now, your Daily Muppet, which gave me nightmares about afro-ed white guys being pecked to death by bird-men as a child:

* Not my joke, but suddenly very relevant again.