Corey Haim Dead: '80s heartthrob passes away after apparent accidental drug overdose.

"Jihad Jane": Pennsylvania woman held in a plot to kill a Swedish political cartoonist for drawing Mohammad with the body of a dog. Swedish papers re-ran the cartoon today.

Sure, I'm an Idiot, but Not Mentally: Eric Massa says his groping was more "tickling" and that it wasn't sexual.

Does "Viable" Mean "Bulldozed?" Biden says Palestinians deserve "viable" state.

Another One Bites the Dust: Indonesia says it killed a leading Islamic militant.

Because "Peace" Is His Middle Name: Ahmadinejad says US can't bring peace to Afghanistan.

Against Republican Wishes: Jobless aid, business tax breaks have passed the Senate.

Excessive Force: A Christmas State Trooper shooting leads to a lawsuit.

$800 Can't Even Buy You a Sandwich Anymore: State legislature votes to pass $800 limit on local campaign donations.

Whut Iz Standerdz? Panel suggests standards for American education.

Call the Waaaaahmbulance: Chief Justice John Roberts whining all over the place about Obama's partisanship.

Here Comes Trouble: Hurricane season poses an "above average" risk.

If You've Got to Have Them, Lock Them Up, People: Toddler shoots self to death after mistaking a gun for a Wii controller.

Runny Santorum: Rick goes to Iowa for the second time; preparing to become President Santorum?

Now in Google Maps: Bike directions!

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