iPhones are addictive.

According to a new Stanford University study, iPhone users are becoming so reliant on their iPhones that they are actually reporting being addicted to their Apple smartphones.

Almost half of the respondents in the 200 person study acknowledged an iPhone addiction.

The Stanford study goes on to find that 75 percent of people in the study (or 150 people) sleep with their iPhones. In bed. Next to them. A phone. Respondents also identified their phones as a "doorway to the world" and "dangerously alluring."

And then there's this!

Seven percent of the students reported roommates or partners who felt neglected due to the respondent's iPhone use, giving rise to the term 'iPhone widow' for those people who feel as though they've lost their significant other to the iPhone.

I'm not an iPhone hater—my aversion goes way beyond any singular device to encompass most extensions of social technology*—its the buzzing and twittering and pokes and virtual presents (?) and pet avatars and millions of pairs of unblinking eyes all searching to find proof that their third grade rival is now a fat ass working behind the makeup counter at the Bon Marche. iPhones are just really, really good at facilitating that. I mean, they're addictive! And now there's proof!

Thanks, Stanford, for giving my neurosis a shot of credibility.
And hat tip to Jaime for knowing my weakness.

*My dream is to retire to a potato cellar and communicate with the outside world via pigeon or telepathy. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, right? There have to be others under the age of 60 who dream of root cellars and endless games of cribbage.