Local Celebrity Dead: Notorious Capitol Hill icon Slats, known for his tall, skinny frame, super-pegged black pants, and 80's metal hair, died this afternoon last Saturday after a long hospital stay.

The Eggers Are Back At It: Yes, egging IS vandalism, according to Seattle Police. And the notorious egg attacks have begun again in West Seattle.

Jail-Site Fight:
The planning process for a new municipal-misdemeanor jail in West Seattle has been delayed at least four years.

Woman Found Dead:
Early morning joggers found a mother of two dead on a quiet residential street in Wedgwood Friday at 6:30 a.m., five blocks north of Wedgwood Elementary School.

The Cupboard is Bare: Food bank North Helpline desperately needs donations; food bank use is up over 37 percent this year.

Herpes-Affected Zoo: Animal rights advocates are calling for the retirement of herp-infected elephants at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Noble Pirates Return Irish Artifact Stolen By Clown: The missing 151-year-old shillelagh snatched from the Society of Friends of Saint Patrick was returned by Seafair Pirates on Friday night.