Performances by locust—the local, capital-letter-averse dance company—feel like party: the best of all possible parties (maybe on a wide, cobbled boulevard in Marseille or a cherry grove in Kyoto) on a summer night when all the people are smart and good-looking, the music is just right for dancing but not so oppressive you can't have a conversation, and the wine glasses magically refill themselves.


From a story about them last year:

mockumentary [On the Boards, 2006] was a hash of pop culture and high art, with three video screens, passages of mock ballet and explosive funk, a subplot about zombies searching for love, dance segments on roller skates and BMX bikes, and singer/comedian Reggie Watts guest-starring as a bitchy choreographer: "No, no, more weird!" he shouted at despondent dancers. "This thing that you are doing, it looks like something fell from a skyscraper and landed on a small paper plate... don't you people ever have sex?"

Their latest show, crushed, is going on tour and locust needs cash. So it's throwing a fundraiser that is as perfectly heterogeneous as the company itself: music by Ivory in Ice World (dreamy/Mazzy-Star pop), The Witness (Creedence-y/white soul), and DJ Zeke Keeble (locust's resident musician). Art by Ben Beres (of SuttonBeresCuller), Jed Dunkerly and Jason Puccinelli (of PDL), and others.

Plus performances by locust, the Can Can Castaways (who are tricking Seattle into watching modern dance every weekend—they're a gateway drug), David Nixon of "Awesome," and others.

Thursday—tomorrow—at Sole Repair on Pike St. $10. 21+. 8 pm until midnight.