Don't paint me a Chihuly hater. For various reasons I like: ice and neon at the Tacoma Dome, the ceiling at the Bellagio, the first Mille Fiori at Tacoma Art Museum. For various reasons I dislike: the "rock candy" on the Bridge of Glass in Tacoma, most of the endless parade of chandeliers and "sea forms" you see in big windows everywhere.

But I do hate Chihuly's paintings and drawings. Pretty much universally.

So this hurts: March 23 is the opening of the Chihuly Kaleidoscope Drawing Suite in the lobby of the new Broadway Building at Broadway and Pine. The preview of the art, and the building, is from 6-8 pm that night, with a presentation by developer Michael Malone and Chihuly.

I wish I could say, hey, maybe Chihuly Kaleidoscope Drawing Suite will be small and nearly invisible from the street.

I wish I could say that.