The King County Prosecutor's Office charged Vladimire Augustine, aka the Space Cowboy, for alleged threats last week to denotate a bomb in downtown Seattle.

According to the charging papers, on March 12, Augustine walked into the Union Gospel Mission, and announced he was a vampire and a space cowboy. While threatening to eat everyone in the room, witnesses noticed what appeared to be a pipe bomb taped to his arm with electrical tape. Augustine allegedly stated that he was going to blow up the Mission but left when staff yelled at him to leave.

SWAT officers found Augustine on 3rd Avenue and James Street, where they ordered him to the ground and to remove the alleged bomb. Augustine complied and was arrested. Officers then used a robot to place the device into a "frag bag," after which it was "rendered safe" and determined to be made of solid pipe, brass brushing in the center, two brass couplings, and two threaded metal plugs.

When an officer on the scene read Augustine his rights he said he did it "because he needed help." According to court documents, he has a 2010 conviction for a nonviolent drug-related crime.