Martin-Zambito Gallery—where David Martin researches and promotes local artists from the past who have been overlooked, 'specially non-white/straight/guy/painter artists—has been in business in a storefront on Pine Street for 21 years. (The neighborhood was so trashed in 1989 when they moved in that they got the first six months of rent free!)

On May 1, the gallery will open in a new space on Pill Hill (1117 Minor Ave), where the gallery will not have a storefront but will instead be "more like a destination," Martin says. M-Z will share the building with Historic Seattle, a good fit if ever there was one.

The lease ran out on Pine, and Historic Seattle offered lower rent. Plus, Martin needs his peace—to work on books documenting the forgotten artists. He has one coming out on UW Press at the end of the year, called Painted with Light, on the early art photographers in Washington state, focusing on Seattle Camera Club members who had international acclaim during their lives. "Nobody knows who they are now, so that's going to be kind of groundbreaking for the region," Martin says. "I've worked on it for 10 years, so it better be good. So that's the kind of thing I'm going to be concentrating on, but still selling art to make a living."

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More power to him: hours, phone number, and email for the gallery will all be the same

I only have one suggestion: Must the book be called Painted with Light? Is there still time to change it? Thomas Kinkade is calling.