As for the man who caused this scene last week?


(Seattle Times) A mentally ill man who caused a bomb scare in downtown Seattle last when he walked into a homeless shelter wearing what appeared to be a pipe bomb and claiming to be a vampire was charged Wednesday with threats to bomb or injure property.

Vladimir Lestat Augustine, 33, was arrested Friday morning after police said he walked into the front lobby of the Union Gospel Mission, announced that he was a vampire and demanded to be let into the day room so he could feast on the people inside, court charging papers said. Augustine, whose body was wrapped in black electrical tape, then told staff at the mission that he was "a space cowboy," and raised his arm to show a metal object taped to his body. Augustine announced that he was armed with a bomb.

Again, the ideology of the accountable individual, an ideology that is sustained and reinforced by the powerful members of this society, is entirely responsible for how the law is handling this situation. A situation, furthermore, that should be removed from the hands of the law and placed in the hands of healthcare. The ideology of the accountable individual is not only irrational but also costly—and, ultimately, it is the public that pays this heavy price.