On the surface...

  • By Iwona Kellie
Under the surface...
(Vancouver Sun) A gruesome performance-boosting technique among disabled athletes, which can involve deliberately breaking bones or sabotaging medical equipment, is being probed at the Paralympics.

As with the Winter Olympics in February, a record number of competitors are being screened for use of banned performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids and blood enhancers, said Doug MacQuarrie of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

In addition, some 50 Paralympians with spinal cord injuries are being assessed for "boosting" blood pressure.

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The pressure spike, called autonomic dysreflexia, can improve an athlete's performance by as much as 15 per cent.

Such athletes feel no pain below their injury, and have been known to break a toe, wear pressure stockings, compress their testicles by sitting on ball bearings, or block a urinary catheter to over-fill their bladder.

I can add nothing to this. My words are defeated.