TKO. Barbara Boxer might lose her Senate seat.

"Maybe it's not the Islamic faith that is making them do this; maybe it's just their personal demons." "Jihad Jane" faces arraignment.

Lame. Palestinian rocket kills Thai kibbutz worker in Israel.

"Only 300 priests were actual cases of paedophilia... it is not as widespread as has been believed." The pope continues to plan to say something about sex abuse.

Hahahahahahahaaha. Al Qaeda "is on the run, but still coming after us," says CIA.

Naw, It's Cool. I'll Just Hang Out Here. Under Water. Some Fargo residents aren't moving, despite flood warnings.

Science? OR REVENGE? Authorities kill two wolves to find out if they ate that lady. "They are not human predators. It's healthy to have awareness of them, for sure. But to be afraid of them is too strong an emotion."

What? New Jersey wants to go on a bear hunt?

She Really, Um, Raised His Barn, If You Know What I Mean. Tattooed Amish chick claims to have boned Sandra Bullock's husband.

Waaaaaahhhh!!! Government issues recall of 1.2 million hazardous high chairs.

"I hope they work it out and that he returns to golf." Someone wastes the president's time asking about Tiger Woods.

And finally, Depressed Woman Touching a Wall...