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We're going full nerd for a second here, and full spoiler if you're a very slow-reading nerd: Marvel Comics recently killed their character Hercules (supposedly the Hercules of myth.) And then, at his funeral, they outed Hercules as bisexual. I'll let Robot 6 explain:

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Namora encourages those women who had been intimate with the bed-hopping Lion of Olympus to relate their memories....The surprise occurs when Snowbird eyes the crowd suspiciously and says, "Now come. I know there are others in the crowd who should join us ... don't be shy" — causing an antsy Northstar to reply, "Is that the time? Gotta go!" before, well, going (at super-speed, naturally). You know, Northstar, the highest-profile gay character in the Marvel Universe

The comment thread at Robot 6 is surprisingly supportive of the strongman being a bisexual slut (comics fans are often disappointingly conservative.) Let's see if Marvel Comics follows through on this revelation when Hercules eventually comes back from the dead.