I hope you won't miss this week's online-only Constant reader, which is an Emerald City Comicon Roundup:

Every major comic-book company in America had a presence at this year's ECCC, and the national geek media (represented by comic-book news sites like Comic Book Resources) paid close attention to the proceedings. British comics rumor site Bleeding Cool made a weekend internet celebrity out of one bearded young man who came to ECCC dressed in Princess Leia's metallic bikini from Return of the Jedi, transforming the costume—popular for years on the convention circuit as a sexually loaded outfit for attractive young female nerds—into a statement about the ambiguity of sexuality and the conservative nature of fan culture.

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But the real reason to pop over is to see Jackie Canchola's ECCC photos in their full, slideshow-y glory. Canchola really got the Comicon, from the costumes to the people digging in boxes for twenty cent comics* to the truly rapturous looks on convention-goer's faces. The pictures say a lot more about the proceedings than I could in five hundred words or less.

*Seriously, I came away from ECCC with about thirty pounds of comics for twenty bucks. I'd call that a win.