Remember the ball haiku contest? Me too! It generated some truly magnificent poetry, and ten talented people have won tickets to the controversial, ball-heavy Bodies exhibit. Congrats!

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  • Kelly O
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Red Balls, Blue Balls, What
Color are your testi-calls?
You should call the doc.

Daddy, is that you?
You went out for a Tsingtao
And never came back.

Tired little guys
Napping when they get a chance
Heroes thrice by noon

(The rest of the winners are after the jump.)

I would rather have
Saggy boobs over withered
Raisins when I’m old.

Almost daylight savings
Spring is on the horizon
Balls will soon be stank

plastic chinamen
downtown tourists haunted by
testicle ghosts

Cosmos in a sac
Hanging heavy with the weight—
Without balls, no souls.

Balls can be a treat,
If you are into that sort
of thing. I am not.

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Delicate and soft;
My cold hands make you contract
And look even weirder.

Dangling there, ripe and
luscious, like furry jackfruit
burly, fuzzy, yum

Thanks to everyone who contributed! It was a truly difficult decision, and great fun reading all of your testicular feelings. The Ball Haiku panel of judges included Lindy West, Paul Constant, Brendan Kiley, and Kelly O.