Teens-Only Night at Bathhouse: Rock the Gardens’ is looking for Ballard teen bands to perform at the Golden Garden Bathhouse in July and August.

Keeping Ballard “Friendly”:
A new Ballard campaign plans to target car campers, homeless people, and alleged drug activity, although it's "not trying to run anyone out of town or implement some super secret plan to undermine the City,” says Hovie Hawk, spokesman for the Keep Ballard Friendly campaign.

Big Hands I Know You’re the One: Phinney Ridge residents beware! Notorious con-artist “Big Hands Guy” is stealing valuable merchandise from local stores and then returning it for cash.

Better Luck Next Time: A Queen Anne burglar tries to steal cash register from a self-defense instructor. Obviously, he was thwarted.

Grow Your Own Food Bank:
Interbay P-Patch celebrates the opening of an urban food bank garden in the valley between Queen Anne and Magnolia. Local food banks will soon be receiving fresh produce. Hurrah!

Donate Vision in West Seattle: If you have an old pair of glasses you no longer want, here’s a way to make sure they end up on somebody else's face.

Teen Charged for Crime Against McGinn’s Chief of Staff: A 16-year-old has been charged with stealing over $85,000 worth of stuff from Julie McCoy's home, including two cars, while she and her husband were inside sleeping. (How the hell did he steal two cars?)

Bringing Pride Back to the Hill (Kinda): Seattle’s Annual Pride Parade will still be held downtown this summer, but some of the formal activities, including the inaugural Pride Family Picnic and popular “Cuff Block Party,” will be on Capitol Hill.