Earlier this week Furien, a high school senior, asked Questionland for some serious and sincere advice:

Pretty soon I'll be graduating from High School... I was wanting to go to the University of Washington this year, but I was rejected. Honestly, I saw it coming. I still want to go there, and I'll inevitably get there if I can get my future off the ground—it's the only school in the state that offers the Post-Grad program I'm looking to go into.

Is there another school you guys would recommend I go to? Anything to help me get the hell out of here? It would be really appreciated.

sphinxemmashade came through for the win (are kids still saying that?). The answer is lengthy, but includes a lot of personal experience and covers pretty much every question Furien had (read the whole post here).

SCCC is an open admission college, meaning that if you have a high school diploma you basically just have to fill out a short admission form, turn it in and voila: you can register for classes.

Some general tips about SCCC from my experience: Daytime classes usually attract the younger crowd. I'm 22 and often one of the oldest in my morning classes. If you go at night you will see more returning students (20s-50s) and people who work full time jobs in addition to school. If you are mature and self-directed, these classes can be great because you do not have put up with as many kids who want to be spoon fed. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more traditional social college experience, the day classes will have more of your peers in them. Professors I have particularly enjoyed include Furuta (Sociology), Tutty (Psych), and Quintero (Spanish). I would avoid Bachar if possible (English).

Central also has quite a few scholarships on the table, not just for academic high achievers.

sphinxemmashade's answer is this week's Answer of the Week—it was thoughtful and full of good advice. The least we can do is give him (or her) a pizza. So congrats to both Furien and sphinxemmashade—hope you enjoy the $25 gift certificate for Pagliacci Pizza.