Protest Today: Anti-war activists in Seattle will join together to mark the 7th anniversary of the US war on Iraq at Westlake Park (4th and Pine) at noon.

Healthcare Cliffhanger:
Outcome of potentially historic healthcare vote today hinges on efforts to placate a handful of lawmakers who want the bill to include tighter limits on insurance coverage for abortions.

Controlling the Outcome: 15 Democrats hold the power in the health care vote.

Let the Youth Sext: Teenagers in most states who send or receive sexually explicit photographs by cell phone can receive felony child pornography charges and end up on sex offender registry for decades; lawmakers rethinking these laws.

Gender Bias: According to recent VA statistics, PTSD and depression are the top disability claims among America's female veterans but many of them have trouble proving that they saw combat — a key to getting treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Way Better Than Prom: Lesbian high school student embroiled in legal flap over her school's prom policy has received a $30,000 scholarship on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Behavioral Virus: Principal at Portland school bans hugs, deeming them “a virus” and “detrimental to teaching and learning.”

No Pillow Fights Here: Eight teenage girls at sleepover are unharmed after a fire broke out in the $275,000 Edmonds house which was eventually destroyed despite efforts by firefighters.

Finally, Get Recognized for Blacking Out: Portland contest accepting applications from those who think they have what it takes to be drunk for 30 hours. Disclaimer: “Assholes and career alcoholics need not apply.”

Iraq's president calls for a recount in this month's parliamentary elections, which have turned into a tight race between the prime minister and a secular rival amid accusations of fraud.

Blacklisted: Lindsay Lohan may have been banned from India due to false claims that she saved the lives of 40 children in a raid rescuing children from a sweatshop.