Where are you when you are needed most, Red Robin mascot?
  • Don't close the ORIGINAL Red Robin Eastlake / Facebook
  • Where are you when your sheltering arm-wings are needed most, Red Robin mascot?

Tonight is the last night of business for the original Red Robin down by the University Bridge. You'll recall that a guy named Keith started a Facebook group for devotees called "Don't close the ORIGINAL Red Robin Eastlake." This Facebook group now has 5,423 "devastated" members. Red Robin corporate has been unresponsive to their devastation, and the shutdown is still happening.

Just now, an employee answered the phone thusly: "It's a great day at Red Robin. How can I help you?"

"It's a great day?"

"Well, actually, no—it's kind of sad."

Nothing special is planned for the last night, just people coming in and eating and talking about memories, she said.

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Is the Red Robin mascot going to be there hugging people? "Unfortunately not."

It's not super busy right now: "There's about a 10-minute wait." And after tonight, eternity.