A Slog reader sent an email to Allstate to complain about the actions of Eddie Hood, an Allstate agent in Fulton, Mississippi, and a member of the Itawamba County School Board. Hood was conducting school board business—which includes discriminating against lesbian high school students and then going to court to lie about itusing his Allstate email address. Unlike other Slog readers who contacted Allstate, Nick didn't get a form email back from Allstate. He got a phone call from a woman at Allstate HQ:

I just got a phone call from AllState’s corporate office assuring me that they in no way condone Mr. Hood’s actions, that he should not have used his work e-mail for school board business, and that they are “filing complaints” and “investigating the matter.”

I didn’t catch the rep’s name in my morning stupor (lesson learned: always get a name for future publication and corroboration). I laughed a little when she said, “I could have sent you another form letter, but I didn’t want to do that. I had just responded to another customer with a letter but through I would give you a call directly since your number was in the e-mail.” How kind.

She went on to assure me that his “personal actions have nothing whatsoever to do with AllState” and that they do not stand for this sort of behavior. AllState is “looking into the matter.” I told her that I was glad she called me personally, but that they ought to consider a public response to this matter and letting the public know their stance on it rather than sending out form letters. She said they intend to, and then promptly got off the phone with me.

Bigotry is bad for business and Allstate gets it and Allstate is listening. Let 'em know you're pissed and paying attention and that you're anxious to see Allstate's "public response" to Eddie Hood's public bigotry. Contact Allstate at directors@allstate.com. (And for the record: Eddie Hood is the chairman of the Itawamba County School Board who appeared in a federal court today and lied his ass off.)