According to the Christian Science Monitor, Washington's own Rob McKenna is among nearly a dozen attorneys general who are planning to challenge the new health care reform measure in court:

The threatened action suggests the controversial measure is about to move from the legislative realm into what could become a protracted and messy fight in the courts. The attorneys general say they will sue once President Obama signs the bill into law. They are pledging to take their battle all the way to the US Supreme Court...

At the center of the controversy is the bill's inclusion of a federal mandate requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance or face penalties. Opponents say this measure stretches Congress’s constitutional power to “regulate commerce … among the several states” beyond any meaningful limits on federal authority. They say Congress is authorized to regulate behavior to protect public safety or welfare, but federal lawmakers overstep the constitutional limits of their power when they begin ordering Americans to purchase certain products.

I've contacted McKenna's office to see exactly what his particular fuss is all about, and will let you know when I do.