Australia's public schools don't have school chaplains—not anymore. They've got a bad case of the separation of church and state down there too. What Australian schools have are "Christian volunteers." That's the law. But the law didn't stop a school chaplain Christian volunteer at a grade school in Adelaide from identifying himself as "school chaplain" on a permission slip sent home to parents. The permission slip was for an off-site "presentation" about the "true meaning Easter," and the school chaplain Christian volunteer had gone to the trouble of ticking the "I give my child permission" to attend box on behalf of the parents. That ticked off one non-Christian parent. Go and read the email exchange between Seb Thorne's dad and Seb Thorne's school chaplain Christian volunteer. "Every child deserves a father like this one," writes Slog tipper Kimberly. Go read the whole freaking hilarious post.

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