Running contrary to rape shield laws, public policy, and common decency comes this horrifying mind-fuck courtesy of Ohio:

A Juvenile Court judge has ordered at least four teenage girls who were victims of sexual assault to submit to polygraph tests, baffling prosecutors and upsetting the victims.

Cuyahoga Juvenile Court Judge Alison Floyd ordered victims in separate cases to be examined after she had found their attackers delinquent, the Juvenile Court equivalent of guilty.

Not only that, the teenage rape victims are responsible for paying for the cost of their own lie detector tests, AND the alleged perpetrators in these rape cases were made aware that their victims were being ordered to undergo the tests, which has led at least one attacker to tell his peers that the judge didn't believe his victim.

None of the teen victims has followed Judge Floyd's order as of yet, and a local prosecutor's office has filed a motion to stop her from ordering rape victims to submit to polygraph tests. You'd think that for a woman smart enough to become a judge, common sense would dictate that being raped is traumatic enough; no victim should have to pay for an inquisition afterward.