Congressman Jay Inslee (WA-1) has just released a scathing critique (and hilariously worded description) of state AG's Rob McKenna's decision to challenge the legality of the health-care vote. Here's Inslee's take:

We fought over 2,000 insurance industry lobbyists in Washington DC to protect Washingtonians health care, we shouldn’t have to fight our own Attorney General too. Stripping families of their legal rights to insurance, may be the South Carolina way, may be the insurance company way, may be the Tea Party way, but it’s not the Washington way.

If the Rob Mckenna had his way, he would remove the cornerstone of this house of health, bringing down all the rights and protections we have fought so hard to build. Rob Mckenna would leave Washingtonians naked and allow insurance companies to deny them care for a preexisting condition or strip them of coverage after they get sick. That is not the Washington way. We should be disappointed that our attorney general has chosen to be in league with insurance companies and not Washingtonians.

Rob Mckenna does not know, or does not care that a significant part of this comprehensive reform includes the solution to decades of Medicare reimbursement disparity for Washington health care providers and hospitals, and more importantly a new structure for health care spending that will reward quality care, reduce the deficit and save families money.

In chastising McKenna, Inslee joins Governor Christine Gregoire and State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz who also had some harsh words for the Republican attorney general.

(PS — I'm sure most Washingtonians would really prefer not be naked with Rob McKenna.)