As blogs like Snarkmarket wonder about whether books on the iPad will take off...

The iPad obvi­ously can’t fit into your pocket. And Apple wants you to keep your iPhone there. No. The iPad wants to con­quer your backpack.

It wants you to leave your lap­top, your books, your mag­a­zines, your note­books, your portable DVD player, your net­book, your Kin­dle all at home. Or it wants you to never buy them. It wants to monop­o­lize your mobile bag. If not at the air­port, then def­i­nitely for short trips.

...The New York Times reports that independent publisher and distributor Perseus Group has signed on with Apple. The inclusion of smaller quality presses (Grove Atlantic most especially) with Apple is a sign that the iBookstore isn't just dicking around. (Perseus recently sent someone to talk with Amazon, but it's unclear if Amazon will just tell them to fuck off and die now.)