Health care, hurrah! House sends bill to Obama, in case you've been vacationing in a hole this weekend.

Joel Connelly Mourns GOP Loss of Decency: "Well, your mom would still have died because Obamacare doesn't kick in until 2014," Rush Limbaugh tells Seattle-area fifth grader whose uninsured mother died from heart failure. In other news, It's never less of a surprise what a dick Limbaugh is.

They Grow Up so Fast: US invasion of Iraq marks its seventh anniversary; citizens celebrate by protesting.

Man Beaten for $5 in his pocket: His attacker is held on $45,000 bail.

"It's Time to Make some Diffucult Decisions, Israel": Israel plans to build 1,600 new homes on occupied territory, Palestine is pissed, and Hilary Clinton states the obvious.

Angling for a Book Deal: Unemployed man starts giving away $10 a day to strangers, blogs about the lives he's changing.

EU Standing by Greece
: Greece won't drop the Euro, EU still working on an aid package to alleviate the country's massive debt.

I Hate You but I Hate Poverty More: More couples staying married until the economy rebounds and they can afford to divorce.

Camera Shy: Lunar Rover spotted for the first time in 37 years. Also, turns out that even though it's broken and stuck on the moon, someone paid $68,500 for it at auction.

I'm Undressing Drawing You with My Eyes Artists and hackers create a device that allows a paralyzed LA graffiti artist to make art using eye-tracking technology.