This isnt womens lib, this is womens libido!
  • "This isn't women's lib, this is women's libido!"
Flaxen-haired Erica Grandy reports on this so-so biopic:

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It's no news that band biopics are perilously prone to cliché, but The Runaways cranks it to 11. Jett goes for guitar lessons: She wants to plug into an amp and learn to play like Chuck Berry—but her teacher tells her, "Girls don't play electric guitars," attempts to instruct her on an acoustic, and then stammers and sputters as she plugs into an amp anyway and proceeds to ROCK OUT! A band of mean old hippie rocker beardos kills the Runaways' first sound check on tour, kicks them off the stage, and says some stuff about playing with the big boys. At one point, when she's feeling dejected, Jett walks around alone to the tune of James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World." DO YOU GET IT?

Read the whole review HERE. And: Must a reviewer possess a female vagina to effectively review a movie about other vaginas? Discuss.