So... I really didn't know much about Sandra Bullock's marriage until it started to fall apart.

If the stories are true, this could be a sad ending to an unlikely fairy-tale romance. She was "Miss Congeniality," a popular, well-paid Hollywood actress. He was a reformed bad boy turned successful businessman and reality TV star.

Despite predictions their union would fail, they appeared to have found domestic bliss in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, raising James' three children from his two previous marriages. Bullock even put her career on hold while helping to raise the children. She also got involved in James' custody battle with his porn star ex-wife over one of the children.

It is unclear how the reports of infidelity will affect Bullock's relationship with her husband's children.

I have no desire to pile on or salt Bullock's wounds or tell her what to do. But... where are the social conservatives that are always yammering on about how marriage is the totally sacred union of one man and one woman for life because PROCREATION and every child deserves a married mom and dad? Are they going to publicly call on Bullock—Wife #3—to set a good example and stay with this guy out of consideration for the kids?

The straight status quo—marriage-on-demand and divorce-on-demand—have created a lot more chaos in the lives of Bullock's stepchildren and the children of other heterosexuals than gay marriage ever has or ever could. And yet we never hear anything from the every-child-deserves crowd about how straight couples with kids should suck it up and stay married for... for... how's that go again? Oh, yeah: they should suck it up and stay married for better or worse and until death does 'em part even if scumbag husbands cheat—or scumbag wives—because marriage is for and about children.

At the very least the National Organization for Marriage should be out there championing legislation that would at least prevent this guy—Bullock's soon-to-be ex-husband—from every being allowed to marry anyone else ever again, porn star or film star, because the guy sucks at marriage and shouldn't be allowed to torment his children with the promise of stability and security implicit in each of the marriage ceremonies they've had to witness.