Is Jim Gibbons the youngest, most beautiful, most tousled-haired blond who ever ran for Congress? Are those Jim Gibbons' pecs? Does Jim Gibbons, Republican of Michigan, really have armpits that you just wanna bury your face in? Turns out he isn't (anymore) and they aren't (anymore) and he doesn't (anymore). Jim Gibbons was a college wrestler, and coached college wrestlers, but he looks like this now. He's a still a part of the "wrestling community" though...

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Jim earlier made a name for himself as the head wrestling coach at Iowa State, his alma mater. He led the Cyclones to the 1987 national championship, becoming one of the youngest coaches ever to do so. During his tenure he coached 33 All Americans, 7 individual NCAA champions and several top four team performances. As a Cyclone himself, Jim was a three-time All American and NCAA Champion in 1981. He earned his B.S. degree from the Department of Agriculture at Iowa State. Though his coaching days are behind him, Jim remains a part of the wrestling community, as a commentator for several sports networks and as a volunteer with youth wrestling programs.

...and his college-age armpits are much prettier than his face and they're way more attractive than his positions on any of the issues, so... why not lead with them? (Hey, Jim: maybe the 2nd Amendment comes after the 1st Amendment because it's less important.)