Guest Stranger Suggests watchdog for the month Nadia Abdelrhman went to see Chilean-born Kompakt records party starter Matias Aguayo at Nectar last night—her review:

I forgot how to read and wasn’t expecting a DJ when I got to Nectar. I kept thinking someone else was going to come on stage until it finally set in that we were watching the main event. So, whoopsies.

Perched upstairs, I had a birds eye view of the stage. Folks slowly followed their feet to the dance floor. One by one they stepped out to the mellow groove. It took a while; people weren’t drunk enough and the music could have been louder.


Around 11:30 I decided it was prudent to depart as the party was failing to coalesce. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything. Suggests denied.

Dave Segal was at the show as well, and he offers a slightly different take:

Aguayo came on about 30 minutes later than scheduled (Nadia, you missed almost all of his set, which was a shame), and then gradually increased the tempo and energy level with a performance that seemed to combine his own tracks and other artists' (I heard Yello's hectic chestnut "Bostich" at one point and possibly some classic Chicago house from the Trax label).

A warm-hearted Chilean, Aguayo is a natural entertainer and much livelier onstage compared to most techno artists. He shook maracas, sang in his limited but endearing soul-hombre voice, blew into a wacky whistle, struck a cowbell, hit an electronic drum pad, danced, and wore a stretched-out, faded tanktop while looking like Marc Bolan's long-lost South American brother.