According to a Seattle police report, on the evening of March 14, a man and woman were cycling south on 1st Avenue at approximately 6:30 p.m. when they pulled up to a red light and saw a vehicle approaching from behind. Instead of slowing down, the driver allegedly accelerated to the intersection before slamming on his breaks and stopping inches away from the cyclists, nearly striking them.

The police report states that the male cyclist made a hand gesture at the motorist “to slow down.” When the light turned green the motorist intentionally "power braked," meaning his foot was on the brake and the gas at the same time, causing the tires to spin and smoke. After this show of vehicular machismo, he sped through the intersection, nearly striking the cyclists once again.

The male cyclist chased after the vehicle, intent on getting a license-plate number. He followed the motorist further down 1st Avenue, where the motorist parked. As he opened his door, the cyclist slowed down, allegedly to confront the driver, but instead collided with the driver's door and crashed.

The cyclist then attempted to remount his bike to pedal back to his girlfriend, but like Hulk with a bad case of road rage. The police report states that the motorist heaved the cyclist and bike into the air—twice—before throwing them on the sidewalk.

Then the motorist walked inside the business on 1st Avenue and called 911 to report that a bicyclist had intentionally ridden into the side of his parked car, police records say. However, when officers arrived, three curbside witnesses backed up the cyclists’ rendition of events. One concerned witness stated, "Seriously, he was attacking the biker."

According to the report, the cyclist had no serious injuries and refused medical treatment.

Officers tracked the motorist to a nearby establishment, where he works as a bartender. The motorist smelled strongly of alcohol, according to the police report. When asked if he'd been drinking, he reportedly told the officer "one beer.” The officer returned to his car to search for a breathalyzer test, and by the time he returned to the bar, the motorist had vanished on foot. One of the establishment chefs alerted the officer that "he went out the back door.”

According to the police report, the officer was “very concerned” the intoxicated man would return to his car, so he impounded the vehicle.