Today's the Big Day: Watch the livestream of the president signing health insurance reform.

Did You Sign Up for the Anti-Rob McKenna Facebook Page Yet? The group against Rob McKenna's plan to sue the federal government over health care now has 3,051 members. (Dominic Holden explains.)

CIA Photo Probe: "Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. has tapped the Justice Department's most feared prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, to lead a sensitive investigation into whether defense lawyers at Guantánamo Bay compromised the identities of covert CIA officers... The pictures could be used to identify covert officers, resulting in agents becoming the targets of Qaeda revenge plots, says the former official."

Wait, Now You Want a Tunnel? "The Bellevue City Council joined together Monday night in support of a tunnel for the city's downtown light-rail route."

Seattle City Light: Raising rates 4.5 percent.

Hi, We're from the Tea Party, We Just Wanted to Know If You Feel Like Hanging Out: "A tea party organizer angry over Rep. Thomas Perriello’s (D-Va.) vote in favor of health care reform published what he thought was the freshman member’s home address on a blog, in case any readers 'want to drop by' and provide a 'personal touch' to their views." The address was actually the congressman's brother's.

Republicans Continue to Lose Their Minds Over Health Insurance Reform: God this is fun to watch.

Google vs. China, cont'd: China blocks access to some material on the uncensored Web site in Hong Kong that Google was redirecting consumers to. Meanwhile, "In northern Beijing on Tuesday, a few Chinese passers-by laid flowers or chocolates on the large metal 'Google' sign outside Google’s office building."

More News from China: British-Australian mining executives confess to taking bribes from Chinese steel makers.

Is It Ever Going to Get Better? Existing home sales are down for the third straight month.

Transit Strike in France: "French trains, schools and public services were hit on Tuesday by protests over pensions and wages, with unions looking to capitalize on a hefty defeat for President Nicolas Sarkozy at weekend regional elections."

Avalanche in Afghanistan: 30 dead.