Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (D-Spokane) just made public her letter (.pdf) to Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, decrying his decision to try to dismantle the new health care reform law via court action:


The Washington State Labor Council is also displeased, calling McKenna's lawsuit "partisan showmanship on the taxpayers' dime."

And finally, Dwight Pelz continues his streak of impressively thorough needling, dropping a sweeping public records request (.pdf) on McKenna that demands "all documents relating in any way to your decision to join in bringing or threatening a lawsuit challenging some or all of the historic health-care legislation approved by the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010."

As Pelz explains:

The public has a right to know whether McKenna generated this idea himself or whether he is acting on behalf of the National Republican Party or the Insurance Industry. We need to know more about his communication with the Southern Attorneys General and the Florida-based Republican law firm that have been hired to spearhead this effort.

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What's more, Pelz says, leaving no possible line of attack unexplored, the lawfirm that's going to be working on the case—on a contingency fee basis—was originally retained by South Carolina. South Carolina, South Carolina, where have we heard about that state before.... Oh, right!

It is particularly disturbing to see McKenna coordinating his actions with South Carolina, the state that stole the Boeing jobs... We are also requesting materials that project how much this legal witch hunt will cost the taxpayers. At the end of the day we hope Rob McKenna will return to his job of protecting the consumers of Washington State.

Dwight Pelz, ladies and gentlemen.