This is such an easy win.

The Bellagio condos at 745 Bellevue Avenue East went up in 2005. Not only is the building a knockoff of a knockoff (Italy via Vegas), it's unbelievably shoddily constructed, which seems perfect. The building doesn't even meet the ground squarely (see picture). When I Google its architects, I find a company called TSA, but clicking them I get "Not Found." I also would vacate the premises if I were the architect of record on this building.

In a full frontal view of the building, you can see the dead face that meets the street.

You really must lay your eyes on it if you have not already. I am absolutely impressed by its badness. It's almost enough to inspire love. Almost.

Its marketers have this to say:

Support The Stranger

The architects at "Bellagio on Capitol Hill Condos" encourage you to be creative with your lifestyle. The unique floor plans inspire you to create a new environment that is your new home. Enjoy the vitality of the city and Broadway while surrounding yourself with the special things that are your individual expression. Don't wait any longer? Take the next step up in your life, come live at "Bellagio on Capitol Hill. The modern design and traditional charm of "Bellagio on Capitol Hill", blend nicely in this highly desired and vibrant neighborhood. The design features of this building allows for intimacy and privacy for your very own refuge. Bellagio on Capitol Hill Condominiums sets a new standard for Condominium living. Open floor plans give you the feeling your looking for. Designer interior finishes are equally asthetic. Home is here at "Bellagio on Capitol Hill..."

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