At approximately 4:35 a.m. on March 16, a police officer responded to an assault in the vicinity of 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. There the officer found a man seated in a wheelchair on the sidewalk. According to a Seattle police report, the man explained that he was engaged in "pleasant conversation" with two unknown women on the sidewalk, when "suddenly and without provocation," one of the women insulted him, “calling into question his manhood.”

(Oh, no, she didn’t.)

The police report states that the man responded with an insult of his own. From there, the conversation soured quickly. Words escalated until the two women allegedly tipped the victim from his wheelchair to the pavement.

The victim told police that while he was lying on the sidewalk, an unknown man approached him, reached down, and allegedly punched him in the mouth with a closed fist. The police report states that the victim believed the man was acquainted with the women, because the trio then split, leaving the victim lying prone on the sidewalk to right his own wheelchair.