I wrote a month ago about three nearly-identical appeals in the Othello, North Rainier, and North Beacon Hill neighborhoods that were filed with the Hearing Examiner's Office to essentially block the study of density development around light rail stations.

As expected, the Department of Planning and Development filed motions to dismiss each of the appeals, which resulted in the North Rainier appeal getting tossed (the appellants didn't respond to their motion to dismiss). The Hearing Examiner also dismissed two issues in the North Beacon Hill appeal, relating to the comprehensive plan and neighborhood plan update processes.

Each of the neighborhood appeals charged that the DPD failed to look at the environmental impacts when updating the neighborhood plans; it failed to consider the impact of the Comprehensive Plan amendments it was proposing; and it failed to "meaningfully consider" the impacts of future development in light of proposed re-zoning changes, among other things.

Before my article came out, none of the appellants (except Jenna Walden) would speak with me about the appeals or their motivations. I have calls in to the North Rainier appellants; hopefully now that their process is over, they'll be more willing to talk.

Barring further dismissals, the North Beacon Hill appeal is scheduled for April 26 and the MLK/Othello appeal is scheduled for May 24. Both will be held at 9 a.m. in the Hearing Examiner's office.