State Attorney General Rob McKenna—Republican and enemy of the sick—has kindly posted to his websides answers to your pressing questions about why he's using your money to fight against your health care benefits. Here are two of his answers:

Q: What will it cost the state of Washington to join this lawsuit?

A: The costs will be minimal. As a party to this multi-state suit, Washington is one of 13 states, to date, participating. State attorneys general typically use multi-state lawsuits to address important national issues or when more than one state has an interest in a legal matter. As the lead state, the Florida Attorney General’s office will provide most of the resources and personnel to pursue the case, though the other participating states will be consulted.

Q: Did Washington join this lawsuit for political reasons?

A: No. This case raises constitutional questions about specific parts of the federal health care reform bill. It could just as easily be suggested that those in favor of the legislation are willing to ignore serious legal questions for their own political reasons. One important role of the Attorney General is to ask a court to intervene when there are issues impacting the state’s legal interests and the interests of its people. Given our concerns about sections of this bill, we conclude that it would be in the state’s best interest to resolve these legal questions now, so that we may repair our health care system in a way that does not conflict with the United States Constitution.

Fighting federal court battles is only a "minimal" expense, and, even though 37 states didn't seem to find a reason to file a lawsuit, the Republican attorney general from our state who did file an appeal says it wasn't political. Don't you feel better now?