Ken Cuccinelli is Virginia's rabidly anti-gay attorney general—you can find a full rundown of what's he's been up to here—and he's a fag. Total cocksucker. He has to be. Because if we've learned anything over the last few years it's this: only a Haggard or a Craig or a Ashburn would say and do shit like this. So... this guy is a fag. Total fag. I don't know where Cuccinelli is right now but I'd say the odds that Cuccinelli is sitting on someone's dick right now are roughly 98%. Or higher.

For the record: I don't think there's anything wrong with being gay. I mean, obviously. So while this particular state attorney general—this bigoted douchebag—might not like being called a fag, I trust that my fellow fags aren't going to think I've insulted them by calling this guy a fag.