Wonkette has linked to a YouTube video. It is apparently a homemade video made by a teenage girl, and she is singing Michael Jackson's song "They Don't Really Care About Us" as an act of protest against health care reform. (That song, of course, is famous mostly for the fact that it originally included the word "Kike" as a verb.) She sings her own lyrics to much of the song (All (sic) from her YouTube page: "Nancy Pelosi/Bugg eyed, MONKEY/Health Care, Buyer/Just Another Lire")

Here is her mission statement:

Support The Stranger

Every 1 I Really want Glenn Beck to see this so plz help me 2 get this video viral so he see's it and i can mabie be on his AWESOME show ! :D

This feels like an elaborate prank of some kind, but after watching this again and inspecting all the little touches (the person walking by in the background, the ineptitude of some of the shots) I think that it might be real. You really have to watch this video. It's amazing.